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Prologue | Page 4
Prologue | Page 4

Skecth Comic / BL / Gender Bender / Fluff _______________ When his best friend Seri persuaded him to work part time in the school's café, Aris definitely didn't expect that he'd have to dress up as a maid. It's under this guise that he meets the school's student council secretary, Kei. _______________ **reads left to right! I will be revising the story so it's on hiatus for a while.


June 8th, 2014, 7:51 pm

Sakuraba Eiri

About The Updates (゜▽゜;)


Because I have exams for the most part of this month and they will make up for 50% of my final grades, and I don't want to cram again like I did last semester because that didn't end up so well (I still passed though, but my mom wasn't so happy).

I'm still going to try to work on pages, but the internet is off limits until the last day of exams! So I apologize again if I'm taking another break from this comic. I feel so bad right now, but priorities first. I'll be back soon!

I'll reply to comments soon too! Thank you for reading this!

+ I'll start another comic this summer. Please look forward to that.

... and yeah... you may now proceed to throw bricks at me. (;*△*;)


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October 20th, 2013, 5:52 pm

Sakuraba Eiri

No Updates This Week!

Sorry guys TTuTT;

My mom confiscated my tablet from me and said she'll return it after a week. It's because I have exams this week and because my wrist has been acting up again.

Anyway... I'll make up for everything next week and reply to all your comments/messages then.


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July 26th, 2013, 8:59 am

Sakuraba Eiri

About The Updates >w<'

Hello guys ;/////;'

I might not get to update again today and the next two days since my grandfather's sick TTuTT'' and I need to spend more time at the hospital to look after him :)

I'm planning a four to five page update in the weekend though, please look forward to that ^^

Thank you for reading this comic too! ^^ ~


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